Information for Our International Customers


For our International Customers
About our services for international customers:
Welcome to Firstles’ website!
Thank you for visiting the Firstles’ website. We happily accept reservations from our international clientele.


Locations Available for Our Service

Our services can be availed in hotels, including both city hotels and “love” hotels.

Meeting Arrangements

We can either come directly to your hotel room or meet you in front of a train station. Please note that some hotels might have restrictions on direct room visits. In such cases, we’ll arrange to meet either in front of the hotel or at the hotel’s reception.


Please reach out to us via Line or email for any inquiries or reservations. Inquiries in English are welcome, but please be aware that it might take us some time to respond.

Communicating with Our Staff

While most of our staff might not speak fluent English, we strive to communicate using translation apps. We ensure that even with a language barrier, you can comfortably enjoy our services.

Pricing Details

Our service rates are as follows:

40 minutes: 10,000 yen
60 minutes: 13,000 yen
75 minutes: 17,000 yen
90 minutes: 21,000 yen
120 minutes: 27,000 yen

We particularly recommend the 90-minute and 120-minute courses for first-time and international customers. The dispatch transportation fee varies depending on the area, but it’s free for hotels around Shinjuku and Ikebukuro stations.

Reservation Process

We accept reservations via Line or email. Please feel free to consult us about your preferred schedule and course.

Important Notices

Exchanging direct contact information with our staff, any actions that our staff may find uncomfortable, and any violent behaviors are strictly prohibited.

In conclusion, we’ve summarized our service details and pricing. If you have any questions or if there’s something you’d like to consult about, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Line or email. Inquiries in English are absolutely fine!